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The Spring Festival holiday has passed for a while, and many people who return to work remind themselves of their own homes, not only because of the endless concern of their relatives, but also because the fathers and mothers who retire at home are idle. The room was remodeled and there was a slight impact on the visual.

Big red, big purple, most foreign gas

On luxury, what elements can be played over the crown with leopard print? On the festive, what color can beat the tomato scrambled egg red with gold? Lying on such a bed, you are not a small public, who is?

Tianyuan spring good scenery

Mothers have a deep fascination with flowers. We often see this style on their clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, and towels. When they are happy, the room becomes like this.

Cool water crystal color light

In fact, the crystal lamp is a kind of decoration that can enhance the home's fortification, but I don't know why, there is a kind of cool feeling of KTV at home.

Warm heart multicolor toilet seat

You may be a bit worried when you see this. Parents are kind enough to let their family protect themselves from the cold when they go to the toilet in winter, but they ignore a problem.

Every time we press the pumping button of the toilet, the water in the toilet will produce a huge vortex, which will drive the surrounding air to rotate. The bacteria in the toilet will flee and escape, which can be reached within five meters. The toilet seat cushion is the concentrated point of bacteria. The toilet mat is not replaced in time and it is easy to cause safety problems.

The bathroom is the place where the bacteria activity is highest in the family. Mom and Dad may feel that as long as the toilet seat is clean, they can be used all the time. It is better to buy a smart toilet for parents, which is easy to use and looks good.

Jin Zhilun smart toilet

More cool "four seasons mode"

One button to set the most comfortable water temperature
Wind size
Cushion temperature
Can be adjusted automatically
Warm in winter and cool in summer
It’s really too convenient for my wife to use it.

Get out of the house quickly
Give them a surprise!

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