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My favorite person is a "Gale Hero"

Many girls will marry the other half of the future before they get married.
Is a hero
Can be used in bright and spacious offices
You can also roll up your sleeves and make a four-in-one soup.
Have the power to play

I found him after I had an object.
I am too lazy to even flush the toilet.
Not to mention brushing the toilet

Is the gap between ideal and reality so great? ? ?

Don't lose
Don't worry
People and people need to slowly run in
You can tell the other half
Socks can be washed in water mixed with laundry detergent for 10 minutes;
The garbage bag is placed in the locker at the door;
If you don’t have clothes in the rain, remember to put them in the house;


As for the flushing of the toilet brush, it is best to hand it directly to Jin Zhilun. Automatically flush afterwards to avoid paralysis. 1280° high temperature vitrified ceramics to avoid the adhesion of pollutants and smooth discharge.

If you have a Jinzhilun smart toilet, you can enjoy:

1. The seat ring is automatically heated;
2, hip massage cleaning; √
3, warm and gentle drying;√
4. Safe cleaning of private parts;√
5, efficient flushing sterilization;√

If you use Jin Zhilun with the object, you can:
1. Develop good toilet habits;√
2, get a good cohabitation life;√

What kind of talent is your hero

From your point of view, consider your approach, this is the most simple love.

Of course, it is also the attitude that Jin Zhilun has been insisting on.

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