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For those who have to hold a mobile phone while eating and sleeping, the word "smart" is no stranger.

Have you really lived a smart life?
When you were arranging the documents on the table, my mother called and said that the TV at home was broken, and the picture disappeared into a large piece of snow. So you added a trip today to the notebook. After getting off work, I finally got on the bus. The traffic was long and thin, and I couldn’t see it at first sight.
Every time I go home, I just want to take a hot bath and lie on the bed. The plan is full of colorful and diligent work. Every day is filled with such trivial things, and the energy paid for it exhausts the meaning of life.

Want to seek a change, let yourself become a little more comfortable, the first step, that is, home intelligence. I believe that many people, like me, are eager to move in the face of smart homes that can greatly enhance their sense of well-being, but they have dispelled their thoughts because of the high prices.

The toilet is something that is used every day, a smart toilet that can be used by the whole family and enjoyed by three generations. The toilet seat is automatically heated, the water flow is comfortably cleaned, and the warm air is used to gently dry the butt, and the hands are completely released. You can even do a set of eye exercises on the toilet.

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